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These poems I wrote are not feelings I have had of late. They are emotions that I have felt from my past. The part of me that tried to make a life with another, and never quite could get it to work. I have no excuse why it didn't. I feel just boredom maybe? And in that way, I grew to feel that I wasn't truly loved. Of course, I felt the sting of the abandonment. I was always the one to be left, and yes; I thought I was in love, but in time, I always felt a sense of relief that it ended. I unfailingly always come to understand I tried too hard, and since I tried so unyielding, it wasn't making me happy, and in that way, it was not really a loving relationship for me. In a weird way, I was thankful to my exes for leaving. I'm not sure I would have ever given up, but just because I was living within a delusional state.

Elena Louis- She is 15 years-old and Alexa’s best friend. She has dark skin, dark, straight, brown eyes and black eyes. People say if Alistair doesn’t have kids, she will rule the Ekat branch. She can invent almost anything. She loves Shakespeare and staying away from the field as much as possible. Here’s a fun fact for you, she is the girl Jonah Wizard feel for (in my stories at least.)