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I got the same feeling from the musicians – everything was played well, but there was no experimentation, nothing new. I like my music boundary-pushing, I like it to try to break new ground – not retread the old ground. I like it to form new genres or spin music itself on its axis – even if it falls down in complete failure, I always give points for the attempt.

Phyllis first appeared as the obsessed fan of rock star Danny Romalotti . She drugged him, slept with him and told him she was pregnant with his child. Danny returned to Genoa City and Phyllis followed. Danny's ex-wife, Christine Abbott whom Danny left to be with Phyllis and the baby, dug up dirt on Phyllis. Phyllis decided that Christine was the reason that Danny wouldn't love her, so she rented a car and tried to run Christine down, but ran over Paul Williams instead. No one knew it was Phyllis. At Danny and Phyllis' divorce hearing, the judge postponed a decision until after marriage counseling had been attempted. Sensing that their psychiatrist, Dr. Tim Reid , was attracted to her, Phyllis seduced him. On the day that he was scheduled to testify that he felt Danny and Phyllis should divorce, Phyllis blackmailed him. Tim testified on Phyllis' behalf that her marriage to Danny had a chance, but he later recanted his testimony. Phyllis finally accepted defeat, and they got divorced.

Striking Back - Restless EPStriking Back - Restless EPStriking Back - Restless EPStriking Back - Restless EP