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On the death of his grandfather Louis XV , Louis succeeded to the French throne on May 10, 1774. At that time he was still immature, lacking in self-confidence, austere in manner, and, because of a physical defect (later remedied by an operation), unable to consummate his marriage. Well-disposed toward his subjects and interested in the conduct of foreign policy , Louis had not sufficient strength of character or power of decision to combat the influence of court factions or to give the necessary support to reforming ministers, such as Anne-Robert-Jacques Turgot or Jacques Necker , in their efforts to shore up the tottering finances of the ancien régime .

It's also, however, exactly the kind of scene people can be counted on to talk about on the drive home from the theater. In fact, people in New Orleans started talking about it back in February when the R-rated "red-band" trailer for the film was released, featuring a peek at what is best described as "the zip line scene."

Bernard Bourbon - Palace HôtelBernard Bourbon - Palace HôtelBernard Bourbon - Palace HôtelBernard Bourbon - Palace Hôtel