G.r.s. collective - so good - Religion: Illuminati created solar myth, sun of God.

          While we have a detailed list of phases moving forward we understand that time may change things and though planning is good, we must adapt to that change. In any case, if anyone is interested in seeing this plan we are more than happy to share it with anyone! Otherwise, here are some of the more exciting ideas we, and others, have brought up:

Bitcoin does a number of things that traditional money, gold, credit cards and checks do, but it does it without a central bank. Bitcoin also does it digitally and in a way that is very difficult and arguably impossible to forge. These characteristics are so desirable that many people are trading traditional currencies for bitcoin. In fact, so much of this is happening that it’s causing the price of bitcoin relative to traditional currencies to skyrocket, creating an investment opportunity for many people coming into the currency.